The Very Reverend Martyn Percy was appointed Dean of Christ Church Oxford in October 2014 and was the first Dean in the College’s history to be democratically elected by its governing body. 

Christ Church is not only an academic institution with an illustrious history, having been founded by Henry VIII in 1546, but is also a Cathedral and the seat of the Bishop of Oxford. Martyn, therefore, is the senior priest of the Diocese of Oxford.

The beginning of 2017 saw the start of many and various attempts by some senior members of Christ Church to oust Martyn from his role. The complexities of these efforts have been well covered in the media and are still ongoing.

A group of Martyn’s friends and supporters have gathered forces to create this website, which aims to provide background information around the history of the debacle; supply a who’s who of the myriad major players involved; give access to documents and supporting papers in the public domain relating to the legal proceedings which have taken place; and share links to some of the media coverage – both mainstream and ecclesiastical – that the story has attracted.

If you would like to contact us about this ongoing situation, please email us at Note that we will never publish or share your email, name or wider contact details. If you are a journalist or a whistleblower, please ensure you make this clear in your message and, if you can, include a mobile phone number we can contact you on.

This website will be updated as and when circumstances change.

A Go Fund Me page, which was created by Martyn’s friends, colleagues and supporters with the intention of contributing towards his mounting legal costs, has received donations of more than £125,000.

And follow and share the story on Twitter @TurbPriestOxon.