News, Reactions and Corrections

Turbulent Priest is grateful for the many supportive comments as well as suggestions for improvements and additions to this site. We aim to update weekly, so if there are things you think we have got wrong, or additions you would like to see, please get in touch.

There has been some comment about the photo gallery of those involved in the long-running debate, and we have added some new pictures – we should make clear that the pictures are of some of those who have been involved, either in raising complaints against the Dean, managing the various processes, commenting as supporters, or as trustees who have asked questions about the costs. They do not suggest that anyone pictured has done anything wrong.

One unexpected reaction to the website came at about 9:30am on the day after the launch. An ex-Censor at Christ Church rang a known supporter of the Dean on a private number to propose a meeting to go through all the many alleged errors, misrepresentations, and distortions on the website – proposals of meetings or walks of this kind are a favourite Christ Church device. When it was suggested that an email might be a more efficient way of correcting the errors, the ex-Censor said there were so many it would take days to go through the website, collect all of them, and write them up. The supporter declined this well-meant and helpful invitation; to date, no list of errors has been received.

Next week, we plan to tackle the question of the various Risk Assessments that have imposed many restrictions on what the Dean may do and whom he may see. Their origins remain rather mysterious, and their terms are draconian so if you are interested in understanding what they involve, do check in again next week.

Until then, we thought it might be helpful to look at what the Charity Commission advice is on good practice for charity governance and trustee behaviour and ask some questions about how Christ Church and its trustees seem to be performing against them.